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We started in business as an App agency back in 2011 and over time the market became hugely cluttered with Indian and Eastern European firms that we just couldn’t compete with on price. We pivoted in 2016 and as result we worked with high growth tech, iGaming and eSports businesses building their tech, and clients constantly asked us, how is it that your teams are amazing, so insightful and their customer care is just great. Our answer was training and good recruiting skills!

We are a young and dynamic team focusing primarily on high growth tech companies, iGaming and eSports verticals.

Our aim is simple. Provide recruitment services at a lower cost than most recruitment agencies in Europe. 

We also use Ai as an enabler to give gives us a competitive layer which allows a quick way to find candidates way faster than any traditional recruitment agency.

This allows us to break the UK costs but deliver a better service at a lower cost. 

We’ve also built AMVAS (Asset Management Voting App Solution) a successful App for the Asset Management market. AMVAS was created as an enabler for traders to make critical decisions for which businesses to buy and sell, by providing a global digital voting platform, which is unbiased, mobile, displays output results in confidence and is 100% secure.

Read more on the AMVAS App here:

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