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Adding Value to

Asset Management

AMVAS is a secure online tool that allows Asset Management businesses to make critically informed investment decisions. AMVAS adds value through:

  • Quick, real time responses
  • Board / committee anonymous voting
  • Secure, digital and global decision making process
  • Allowing fund managers to vote anonymously without fear of comeback.
  • Tracking internal analyst’s decision making on investments.
  • Monitoring historical data (quantity / quality of work).
  • Assessing an individual‘s external research / analysis 
  • Providing feedback for employee development
  • Widening internal dialogues on important investments
  • Allowing for saved reminders of previous votes for research/analysis purposes
  • Helps with a digital record of decisions and views.

Our digital tool is designed to improve efficiency and to provide secure, anonymous, transparent executive decision making.

By using the AMVAS App you will have complete confidence in an anonymous voting system which can be accessed in multiple global locations at the same time. 

Our App can be used to assist colleagues and teams to review and vote in confidence on a range of proposals.

AMVAS has been road tested over the last 5 years and specifically designed for analysts and fund managers to achieve unbiased share voting on commercial companies, whilst ensuring transparency and full corporate governance at all times.

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